Web Developpment & Consulting

Hosting, Best Pratices, Training

The today's Websites are no more based on an only one strong technology, but on the sum of small but powerful ones.

Classical LAMP websites belong to the past, now we have to deal with dozen of languages, frameworks, librairies and softwares in order to build websites and webservers that process millions of pages with more and more intuive interfaces.

Caching, Clustering, Virtualizing, Messaging, Design Patterns, Continuous Integration, Framework, Relational vs Not Relational Databases, Rest Services and so much...

There's no unique solution for all business and all clients, no magical CMS that will do all the work for you. With Raezweb, I first try to understand your need, your business but also your way of working, in order to choose the right technologies that suits you and follow your company growth.